Who’s Taking Part: June 2017

The Epidemic Zone is funded by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Liz Buckingham-Jeffery | PhD Student, University of Warwick

I use maths to try and figure out how many people are going to catch norovirus (a very common illness that causes horrible diarrhoea and vomiting!) this year

Kevin Pollock | Health Protection Scotland

I work in the field of infectious diseases where I attempt to understand why deadly bugs infect us and what we can do to prevent being infected in the first place!

Christl Donnelly Professor, Imperial College London

I study infectious diseases – how they spread and how to stop them

Rebecca Corkill PhD Student, John Innes Centre

Think Jurassic Park science- but less deaths, danger and dinosaurs; instead we change insects so they benefit humans.

Rosie Fok | Derriford Hospital, Plymouth 

I am a Consultant Microbiologist (a doctor who advises other doctors and healthcare workers on how to manage infections and prescribe the right antibiotics)


The Schools

  • Beech Lodge School, Berkshire
  • Broadlands Academy, Bristol
  • Darlington School of Maths and Science, County Durham
  • Didcot Girls’ School, Oxfordshire
  • Fowey River Academy, Cornwall
  • Gordano School, Bristol
  • Grangemouth High School, Grangemouth
  • Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre, Essex
  • Saint Gregory’s Catholic College, Somerset
  • St Luke’s Science and Sports College, Devon
  • Sutton High School, Surrey
  • The Dukeries Academy, Newark
  • The Highfield School, Hertfordshire
  • Tonbridge Grammar School, Kent
  • Walker Technology College, Tyne and Wear
  • Westcliff High School for Boys Academy, Essex


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