Thank you from your winner – Liz!

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We asked Liz to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said…

Thank you so much to all the students who voted for me! I never thought I could win, but I’m so pleased and proud of myself. More importantly, thank you to every student that asked a question in the Epidemic Zone. I’ve had such a fun and interesting time answering all of them. I hope you enjoyed the event too.

In one of the live chats this week I was asked by some students why I’ve taken part in I’m a Scientist. What is in it for me? And the honest truth is, I’ve really enjoyed it. It has made a nice change from my usual work! Some of the questions you asked were things I’ve never thought about before, so that was really interesting. And I learned new things from the other scientists’ answers, especially from Rosie and Christl.

Thank you to the mods for keeping all the chats running smoothly and for organising this whole event. You guys do a great job! I really enjoyed ‘meeting’ the other scientists- Rosie, Kevin, Christl, and Beccy- I think we all did a fabulous job answering so many questions these past 2 weeks.

Finally, I’m looking forward to putting the prize money to work and helping more students find out about jobs involving maths and what a mathematician does from day to day.

Next week won’t be as fun at work without I’m a Scientist! Bye guys!

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