• Question: Does being a scientist change how you read and watch fictional and fantasy media?

    Asked by Neil to Kevin, Liz, Beccy on 22 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 22 Jun 2017:

      I am pretty good at suspending belief. I read the Harry Potter books as well as lots of the Persy Jacksons. (Being a mom definitely changed my reading material.) Also the Fablehaven and Inkheart books.

      In adult fiction, I tend to read more mysteries and historical fiction than fantasy. I definitely expect a mystery to be resolved without loose ends.

      While on the topic of books – An Imperfect Lens – is an excellent novel set in the 1880s relating to cholera.

      Finally, it definitely affects me as I read the news (I am sceptical of lots of the numbers).

    • Photo: Liz Buckingham-Jeffery

      Liz Buckingham-Jeffery answered on 22 Jun 2017:

      Not really. I’ve always loved reading, and find it very easy to get caught up in another world. But the world has to be consistent within itself! Otherwise that would annoy me!

      I most recently read the Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb which is a fantasy novel and I really enjoyed it.